Optimizing Your Sales Funnels

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Optimizing Your Sales Funnels

Your sales funnel helps to guide your website visitors to become your customers. While sometimes it might seem as simple as a customer clicking a purchase button on your website, there are often a few phases your visitors go through to get there, such as awareness (discovering your business), interest (learning about your solution), decision (determining that your business is the right one for them) and action (becoming your customer) — and your sales funnel helps to optimize and streamline the experience all along the way.

The benefits of your sales funnel include:

  • Grow your business by attracting new visitors who become your customers. Your sales funnel can be a single page optimized to sell your business solution, or it can focus on a particular phase of your customer’s journey, such as sharing a content asset in order to receive contact information, so you can follow-up with leads in sharing more information about your business.
  • Optimize your marketing effectiveness. Your sales funnel helps you focus on the key elements in both attracting leads and converting them into your sales. It also helps to provide visibility along your customer journey, so you can see which phases and elements need to be improved.
  • Engage with your ideal customer. With the visibility provided by your sales funnel, you can see which profiles and contacts are most important for you. In scaling your business, this is automated with contact management systems that will sort and rank your leads for you.
  • Nurture your leads to grow your customer relationships. While not everyone will be ready to buy your solution the first time they discover your business, this provides you the opportunity to nurture your leads by sharing your content, educating your prospects on the value of your solution, and building a relationship with them, supported by your marketing automation.
  • Scale your sales growth. By optimizing your visitors’ experience, your sales funnel increases your conversion and sales rate. You also gain visibility to see where you can improve each part of your customers’ journey, and to better forecast and grow your sales volume.

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