How You Can Start Being an Innovative Entrepreneur


How You Can Start Being an Innovative Entrepreneur

Fortunately, as an innovative entrepreneur, you have many great resources available to you, to help you discover and develop new ideas which can become important innovations for your business.


Sources of Innovative Ideas

Great sources of new ideas can come from talking with your current and potential customers. Asking them what goals they are looking to achieve and what challenges they are experiencing can be a great way of discovering problems that your business can help solve for them.

This can be a great approach to hearing directly the challenges they are experiencing, and then you can think of creative ways how you can help to solve their challenges as an innovative entrepreneur.

In addition to gaining new ideas on ways your business can innovate with new solutions, this approach also helps to confirm the likely success of your idea in the marketplace, because you are talking directly with the people who can be the early adopters and first customers for your new solutions. Through this approach, you know you are identifying a real problem that is a top priority for people, and by discussing potential solutions, you know your solution can be very well received.

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If you are just starting out, and might not have customers yet, then thinking of your target persona (the type of people you would like to be serving through your business), and talking with people who are in that category, can be a great way of finding opportunities to serve their needs with new solutions your business can provide.

On a personal level, if you yourself are in the category of people you would like your business to help, then you can think of the challenges you personally experience in your day. Very likely, if you are experiencing certain challenges, then other people in similar situations are also, and that can be a great source for fresh ideation on new solutions as an innovative entrepreneur.

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